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✔️ Get Daily/Weekly signals, before anyone else & also include Long Bag (Multiblagger) recommendation with 2 or 3x target 🎯
✔️ Get entry zone, targets, stop-loss. (Spot & Future Leverage Trade)
✔️ Given 25 to 70 signals per Month (Depends on Market)
✔️ Technical analysis.
✔️ Fundamental analysis.
✔️ Sentiment analysis.
✔️ Important alerts and LIVE position Alert during Market (In case of emergency situation)
✔️ Click on BUY now :- For Subscription (Premium Service)
✔️ In Monthly Subscription- Your Payment Date count as Day1
✔️ For any Query or Question CONTACT:- t.me/KiteKraken

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Follow Below Steps

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Click on Premium Telegram Signals: Crypto

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Click on Buy Now

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Click on Proceed to Checkout in CART

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Fill all Details & Place Order

Step 6

Select Coin for Payment

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Complete Checkout

Step 8

Copy Address & Send USDT or your Selected Coin to mentioned Address

Step 9

We will Email you when Funds have been Received

Step 10

Your Telegram USERNAME send it to support@kitekraken.com


Once the Payment is Confirmed, you will be added into Premium Telegram Crypto Channel


Triggers Signals when market changes

Based on our analysis trade signals triger

Take Trades On Our Signals

Get Signals Directly Into Your Telegram Inbox

Managed Risk-Rewards

Maximize Your Profits With US With High Probably Trades

What You Get With Us !


Short Term Signals


2 to 7 Signals per Day


Telegram Live Alerts


More Than 90% Accuracy All Time


800 to 4000% per Month Growth


3 to 6 Take Profits per Signal

These People Have Already

“I’ve been in Kite Kraken telegram group since the beginning and I recommend it highly, it’s by far the best group I am in, we get daily trades, live videos where we can ask anything and the knowledge and I’ve learnt so much from the other members in the group who are very active it’s a brilliant community to be a part of and I love logging in everyday”

John Benson

John Benson

“Having confidence is KEY in the world of trading & investing! Kite Kraken Telegram group provides us with conviction to handle any type of market. In the world of Cryptocurrencies.”

Ethan Daniels

Ethan Daniels

“I have been really enjoying Kite Kraken Signals Telegram group! There are always people posting new ideas daily. Kite Kraken also regularly responds to our messages and provides us with special live streams. Overall, highly recommended!”

Damon Hart

Damon Hart

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